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Wind "Wind"

This photo was a mistake! I think the shutter was tripped by accident. In any case, the effect was awesome. Somehow, this little thisle stands still as the Wind blows the grass all around. Kodak E100VS scanned with a Minolta Scan Elite II.

Big Hook "Big Hook"

This was a hook from a steam driven railroad crane. It was the biggest (and yellowest) hook I have ever seen. In the corner is an average industrial hand rail, in fact, the inside opening is about the size of a basketball. Kodak E100VS with a Maxxum 9 and Tokina ATX-280 lens.

EPCOT 2001 "Epcot"

Finally made it to Disney's Epcot near the end of 2001. I thought this photo really caught the feel of "Spaceship Earth". Kodak E100VS with a Maxxum 9 and Tokina ATX-280 lens.

Paddle Wheel

"Suwanee Boat"

The old paddlewheeler in Suwanee Boat Pond at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI. Taken the summer of 2000. Kodak E100VS.

Daisy on Black

"Daisy on Black"

This daisy from the flowerbed (maintained by my wife Lynn) in front of my home made the subject here. This is a composite of two bracketed exposures using my Minolta Maxxum 9 and remote flash. Kodak E100VS.

"Camera 1986"

Obviously taken in 1986 of an old Mamiya 35mm SLR. This photo was one of my first black & white attempts. Shot with my Minolta X700 on Kodak Tri-Pan X 400 ASA The image was scanned using my HP Photosmart S20xi.

The Fishbowl "The Fishbowl"

Taken at a friend of mine's wedding this photo was captured with a Canon EOS 630 on Fuji REALA (As I recall). I did not record the exposure. The image was scanned onto a PhotoCD then resized.

Lion King "Lion King"

Taken with my Minolta X700 (program mode) and Vivitar Series I 28-105 zoom with polarizer on AGFA Ultra 50. This image happens to be one of my favorites. Taken during June of 1996 at Disneyland in California. The lion's face in the background is actually about 40' behind the subject. The negative was scanned onto a PhotoCD and then resized. To see that kind of detail available in the original image click here for a highly cropped image at full resolution.

"Foggy Park"

Taken early spring 1986. I consider this one of the first worthwhile photo's I've taken. The camera was a 35mm Mayima on 400 speed Kodak film.

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