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LINEAR C/2001 A2
Object: Comet Linear C/2001 A2

Date: July 14, 2001

Exposure: 10 Minutes

Film: Kodak Ektachrome E200

Equipement: Losmandy G-11 GEM, Tokina ATX 80-200 @ 80mm f/5.6 piggybacked on 10" f/10 Meade OTA

Autoguider: SBIG ST-4 guiding on the Comet.

Camera: Minolta SRT-102

Hardware & Software: HP S20xi film scanner & Hamrick Vuescan 7.1.1. The scan was processed, and cropped, using Picture Window 3.0.

Info: Comet Linear C/2001 A2 was photographed on July 14, 2001, It is now on its way away from the sun but It has been amazing astronomers because its brightness keeps surpassing predictions. You may notice that the stars are slightly trailed in the image, this is because the autoguider was tracking the comet and it is quickly moving relative to the background stars.

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