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Object: M13

Date: June 8, 2002

Exposure(s): 4x 15 Min

Film: Kodak Ektachrome E100VS pushed 2 stops

Equipement: 10" f/10 Meade LX6 OTA with UHTC optics and Lumicon GEG @ f/7.5, Losmandy G-11

Guide Scope: ETX90 OTA with SBIG ST-4 (A3's)

Hardware & Software: Minolta Scan Elite II film scanner, Hamrick Software's VueScan, The scanned images were color corrected, processed, and cropped using Picture Window, and then digitally stacked using Registar.

Info: Reprocessed using scans from the Minolta Scan Elite II. This image of M13 was designed as an experiment for trying E100VS pushed 2 stops. Pushing 2 stops did not effect the film grain much, overall the four images were quite grain free so I was fairly pleased with the results of the E100VS and feel that it warrents some more testing and evaluation. There were some artifacts around the brighter stars that may have been caused by the scanner (I manualy removed them from this image). The was also first (photographic) light for the new UHTC optic replacement set for my 10" SCT OTA. And finally, This was also the first astrophoto taken with a new worm gear from Scott Losmandy. I only saw A3's and A4's with 3 second exposures at 1250mm f.l., not bad... I could never do that in the past. There is some slight mistracking due to mirror flop between the ETX and the 10" SCT (this was due to the fact I was too impatient to find a suitable guide star with the GEG).

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