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M16 - The Eagle Nebula
Object: M16

Date: April 29, 2003

Location: New Mexico Skies (link)

Exposure: 55 Min

Film: Kodak E200 (pushed 1 stop)

Equipement: 10" f/10 Meade LX6 OTA w/GEG at f/7.5

AutoGuider: SBIG ST-4 (A4's very windy).

Hardware & Software: Minolta Scan Elite II film scanner, Hamrick Software's VueScan, cropped and levels lightly adjusted using Picture Window.

Info: M16 - The Eagle Nebula, was really made famous by the awesome Hubble Space Telescopes' picture entitled "Pillars of Creation". The results where quite good when considering the wind. I think I had a bit of film creep that keeps the stars from being completely round in places. Even so, this is still a bit better then my earilier effort.

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