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M42 - The Orion Nebula
Object: M42

Date: December 9, 2001

Exposure: 2x 35Min

Film: Kodak LE400

Equipement: 10" Meade SCT OTA w/GEG at f/7.5 on Losmandy G-11

Guiding: ST-4 (A3's)

Hardware & Software: Multiple scans were created with my HP S20xi film scanner and Hamrick's vuescan software. The scans were registered using Registar. The registered "48 bit" images were processed and stacked using Picture Window 3.1d.

Info: M42, also called the the Orion Nebula is the most famous nebula in the sky and the most photographed. I was fairly please with this image. I finally got the focus right and I was happy that I was able to extract so much detail from two 35 minute exposures taken under 4.0 mag skys. Click on the image for an older exposure of the same object.

This is an unprocessed "raw" cropping of one of the 35 minute exposures. This shows the effect of sky glow from my light polluted back yard.

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