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Object: M52

Date: Sept 1, 2002

Exposure: 3x 15 Min

Film: Kodak Royal Gold 400

Equipement: 10" f/10 Meade LX6 OTA (w/UHTC) w/Lumicon GEG with focal reducer at f/7.5 position

Guide Scope: ST-4 autoguider (A0 - A2's)

Hardware & Software: HP S20xi film scanner (2400dpi). The images were color corrected, processed, and cropped using Picture Window and then digitally stacked using Registar.

Info: M52. I am fairly sure that the RG400 film used for this image was the "old" (read: good) stuff. In any case, M52 is a boring little open cluster. At least the focus and the tracking a good. The mouse over shows you the full scan resolution.

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