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Object: NGC7635

Date: September 6,7,8,9 2002

Exposure(s): 17x30 Min (8 1/2 Hours)

Film: Kodak Supra 400 (11) & Kodak Royal Gold 400 (6)

Equipement: 10" f/10 Meade OTA w/Lumicon GEG at f/7.5, Losmandy G-11, Minolta SRT-102 35mm camera body.

Guideing: ST-4 (A1 - A3's @ 1130mm).

Hardware & Software: HP S20xi film scanner, Hamrick Software's VueScan (7.5.44), The images were processed with curves using Picture Window Pro 3.1 smoothed lightly using SBGNR and then stacked useing a script with Registar 1.0.

Info: NGC7635, also called the `Bubble Nebula'. This image is something I have been kicking around for months. Just how good of an image can one get using film from a site with heavy light pollution (est Mag 4.2). This is one of my proudest astrophotos. I'm fairly happy with the results as I think it shows that it can be done with film if one tries hard enough. Granted, the results are NOT as good as one might get with CCD but until I get an extra $10,000 for a good camera, laptop, software, etc. I'll stick with this method...

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