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Aaron and Sarah Natural Light Wedding Shot "Aaron and Sarah"

 My step son and his new wife. I was the official photographer for their wedding. (Yes, it was a gift!) As a kindness to the guests the formals were taken before the ceremony. Taken on Konica Impressa 50 with my Maxxum 9 and Tokina ATX-280 @ f/4. The lighting was natural from a nearby window. The shutter speed was close to a full second.

Playing in the Mist "Playing in the Mist"

During the summer of 2002 the Detroit Zoo had misters set up to keep people cool. Well some young friends of ours decided that they were cool things to play in. The photo was a natural! Kodak Royal Gold 400 with my Maxxum 9 and Sigma 100-300 EX APO.

Singin' the Blues

"Singin' the Blues"

This guy was good! The lab that developed this roll really burned it out, I had to do alot of work just to get it back to this. Good thing for Picture Window... The subject is Robert Jones, WDET radio personality, shown here performing at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI during the summer of 2000.

The Blue Store Prague "The Blue Store"

I saw this shot and could not resist, The little guy standing at the door, the color of the items for sale, the wood trim of the door and windows, inside a customer can be seen inside, maybe he's buying a vase, the cobble stone sidewalk... All of this equals a great shot that captures the feel of the shops of Prague. All captured on Ektachome E100VS with my Minolta X700 in program mode. The lens was my Vivitar Series I 28-105. The slide was scanned in using my HP PhotoSmart S20 film scanner and cropped using Picture Window Software.

Lion King "Lion King"

Taken with my Minolta X700 (program mode) and Vivitar Series I 28-105 zoom with polarizer on AGFA Ultra 50. This image happens to be one of my favorites. Taken during June of 1996 at Disneyland in California. The lion's face in the background is actually about 40' behind the subject. The negative was scanned onto a PhotoCD and then resized. To see that kind of detail available in the original image click here for a highly cropped image at full resolution.



I and my mother were the photographers at Steve and Sue's wedding. Being the first wedding we had ever offically photographed the first lesson learned was how much film we amateurs burn at such events. We estimate that we shot nearly 500 images (a good wedding photographer may shoot 50). However the portraits and photos came out great inspite of the fact that we used 35mm equipement and our amateur status. This portrait was captured with a Canon EOS 630 on Fuji REALA. I did not record the exposure. The image was scanned onto a PhotoCD then resized. I did some minor touch up with Picture Window software. Look here to see some of the things that can be done with this photo.

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