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Welcome! I hope you enjoy my photo gallery. I have been enjoying the art of photography since my childhood. Over the years I have taken some decent photographs and though I would share some of the better ones with you. My photogra phic journey began when I "borrowed" my father's SLR and started shooting. In time I purchased a Minolta X-700 and then the real fun began. After taking many thousands of pictures with that camera it became clear to me that getting new and modern lenses for it had become difficult. I was ready to jump into the Canon EOS system when Minolta came out with the Maxxum 9. As soon as I held the "9" in my hands I knew that I had found the camera for me. In recent years I have also started to reach into the realms of astrophotography. Astrophotography is one of the very most technically difficult types of photography - In fact, to that end, a very large part of my website is aimed at astrophotography, telescopes, and astronomy. A few of the photographs are duplicated because they seem to fit in more then one catagory.

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